RedMagic 5S Pulse Renders
RedMagic 5S Pulse Renders

The RedMagic 5S is the latest smartphone gaming technology made for most demanding games

Shanghai (Arab Newswire)  ​The RedMagic 5S was just announced today at ChinaJoy and it promises to be a stand out gaming smartphone with its high end specs and ability to run at max performance longer than most of the competition. Boasting​ some of the latest smartphone gaming tech and improved technologies as well as new accessory devices designed, the RedMagic 5S will not only get you into the lead, but also keep you there while playing the most demanding games. ​

RedMagic 5S – Stay in The Lead

Winning a race takes more than just being the fastest, you need to be able to go the distance and keep that lead to win. The RedMagic 5S has embraced this philosophy to the fullest for the benefit of gaming enthusiasts, both professional and casual ones, and everyone in between. How does it accomplish this? Let’s take a look.

Trinity Cooling

The most important factor that will slow down a phone during an intense gamathon or during a performance heavy application is overheating as the phone pushes its specs to the max. To counter this RedMagic has improved upon it’s already innovative and powerful cooling system and taken it to the next level. Incorporating an L-shaped liquid cooling pipe, aerospace-grade nano thermal materials, intelligent temperature sensors, increased ventilation by 4.3% for the turbo fan and the world’s first use of silver due to its highly thermal conductive nature, for the best cooling system in a phone yet. To take these improvements to the next level, the RedMagic 5S also makes use of a new accessory, the Ice Dock.​ Designed just for the RedMagic 5S, the Ice Dock ensures nothing can overheat the phone and that you can continue your gameathon at max performance all day long.

RedMagic 5S, the Ice Dock
RedMagic 5S, the Ice Dock


Boasting up to 16GB RAM and 256GB memory, the ReadMagic 5S is equipped with the powerful Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 865 with 5G chipset, so that running any application or playing any game at max setting is a breeze. With the integrated 5G capabilities, users will always have the fastest connection available as well. The RedMagic 5S also makes use of the latest memory technologies with USF 3.1 and LPDDR5. With the latest advancements particularly found in UFS 3.1, loading up programs and rendering visuals is now incredibly fast. Paired with 5G, users will be able to notice an overall increase in speed as the phone will be able to make even greater use of the 5G speeds.

144Hz ESports AMOLED Display

Players can truly enjoy the lag free, high speed internet available to them with 5G when they are using a 144Hz screen, the fastest screen refresh rate available. At 144Hz, the 6.65” Essport AMOLED display is buttery smooth and gives beautifully crisp, crystal clear visuals all the time, be it playing a video game at 144FPS, watching high-quality videos, or just browsing the internet. Even if a program or game does start to experience any frame drop, the RedMagic 5S has the Touch Choreographer feature​ to automatically adjust the frame rate accordingly so the visuals are always smooth.

320Hz Shoulder Triggers

A must have feature for any dedicated gamer, the built-in shoulder triggers on the RedMagic 5S help to turn the phone into a dedicated gaming device. Running at 320Hz, the built-in triggers are faster and more accurate, a considerable boon to any gamer. Through the Game Space feature of the RedMagic 5S, they are also fully customizable to any function you need in your games.

Improved Game Space

The dedicated gaming space of the RedMagic 5S, the Game Space has several advanced features to give the best gaming experience. It allows full customization of the game and of the phone to ensure optimal performance is achieved. In the Game Space, players also map out the different controls they have available to them with the RedMagic 5S for their games, such as the built-in triggers or the additional buttons provided by the RedMagic’s game pads. Game Space is also home to various quality of life improving features such as a

chat overlay for Whatsapp, minimizing to a mini-window, advanced macro making features, game recording, notifications blocking, and more.

Two Eye Catching Designs

The RedMagic 5S will be available in two different versions. Sonic Silver with a cool silver color design and sleek finish for that speedster feel. The other version will be the return of a crowd favorite, the Pulse, with its blue and red color design. Both colors will also port a cool and eye catching X motif that centers around the innovative integration of a small silver plate on the back of the phone that enhances the cooling of the phone.


  • Immersive Audio and 4D Shock: High-quality audio and 4D shock for a fully immersive experience.​ 
  • 64MP Sony Triple Camera Set-up: A flexible, triple camera system to help capture beautiful moments​            in life.
  • 4,500mAh Battery: Play for hours on end and recharge quickly with the included 18W quick charger.​         Upgrade to a 55W quick charger is available in select regions.

In addition to the launch of the RedMagic 5S, RedMagic is also hosting the RedMagic: 5th Space event. The event will last from July 28th until August 26th. Participants will be asked to complete a small series of tasks in an effort to win “entries”. Once a participant has 50 or more entries they can participate in a lucky draw for awesome prizes from RedMagic such, as discount coupons of various values and a free RedMagic 5S. To learn more about the RedMagic: 5th Space event, you can jump right in here:

RedMagic 5th Space event

In addition to the RedMagic 5S, the nubia team also introduced several other new products at ChinaJoy including, a new watch, TWS earphones, gaming controllers, and even a Wi-Fi 6 router. The global availability of these products is not known yet but it demonstrates nubia’s growing strength and reinforces RedMagic’s unique approach to gaming.

Pricing and Availability

Countries and Regions: 

  • China: Pre-order July 28th, Open sales August 1st
  • Global: September, 2020


  • China

                  ○ Sonic Silver (8GB + 128GB): 3799CNY

                  ○ Pulse (12GB + 256GB): 4399 CNY

○    Pulse (16GB + 256GB) 4999​        CNY ○   Ice Dock: 179​          CNY

  • Global: TBC

RedMagic: 5th Space: From July 28th to August 28th at ​

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